Our Innovation Benefit

The innovation helps smallholder farmers in Ethiopia as well as in other African countries to increase their crop yields and hence their income while reducing soil erosion. In Ethiopia alone, more than 5 Million farming households are expected to benefit from this technology. The initial investment, to purchase the implement, is about 16.48USD. When compared with the gains from using Aybar BBM, the cost of the implement is less than one percent of the benefits. While the extra yield that farmers harvest because of Aybar BBM can fetch them as high as 1000USD/ha/year from the main crop alone, the other benefits such as double cropping and rainwater harvesting add to the benefits in just one year and one hectare whereas the implement can be used on several hectares of land and over several years.

On the other hand, more crop production benefits the poor who are not engaged in farming because of better access to food. Mass production of Aybar will create jobs to the poor who are involved in welding and other physical works while the distribution and maintenance will create jobs in both urban and rural areas. Innovators can also benefit from the new mechanisms incorporated in Aybar BBM. Aybar BBM has changed how the traditional tillage implement is adjusted. This has created an opportunity for other improvements. Recently, a conservation plow called Kendomaresha has been developed by employing the innovative assembly mechanisms of Aybar BBM.

More data is needed to estimate the benefits that smallholder farmers in other African countries will get from this technology. However, with such a simple ridger that is so versatile and cheap, we expect a huge benefit to the poor in other African countries as well.

Case Studies

Improved Agricultural Technology promotion for Food Security: the case of Aybar BBM in Ethiopia Evaluation of the performance of in-situ water harvesting techniques on grain yield of wheat

Our Innovation

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BBM versus Aybar BBM

Aybar BBM is lighter (3.5kg Vs 7kg), requires less pulling force (the old BBM requires 50% more pulling force than Aybar BBM), it makes a better bed and furrow thus effectively draining excess water...